What would be your TOP GUN-style aviator call sign?

What’s your aviator call sign?

Now this is silly – but it’s fun –  a sweet diversion.

All this reminiscing about Top Gun (see original post)  got me thinking about aviator Call signs like “Maverick” and “Goose” and “Iceman”. Now, in the movie these are convenient ways to quickly establish and reinforce character – Maverick doesn’t fly by the rules, Goose is the goofy sidekick and Iceman flies cool and cold.

I was curious about real aviator call signs and found out lots of cool stuff – plus I found a silly but fun call sign generator. Apparently it’s bad form to give yourself  a call sign.  Your call sign has to be given to you by colleagues and the more you object to the cal sign given  – the more it sticks!

With the call sign generator, you type in your first and last name and it generates a call sign for you.

Now I suspect it is totally random without any logic – but
 Anthony Biancotti generated the call sign Lt.“Paradise” Biancotti. When I put in Tony Biancotti the call sign was “Wild Weasel”.

If you are curious to find out what your call sign would be, here is the link:


Call Sign Generator


Original post about being a fan of Top Gun




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