Sweet diversion – what fragrances bring back sweet memories for you?

Sweet diversion – What “fragrances” bring back good memories for you?

I once interviewed an editor of a women’s fashion magazine and she gave me a great tip about using fragrances and your sense of smell to put yourself in a “happy place”.

She was a successful, professional woman – yet she would occasionally wear a fragrance she used when she was a carefree teenager.  I think it was Charlie by Revlon.

Anyway, I took her advice and bought a fragrance that reminded me of carefree days at high school. For me the smell of those days was – Brut 33.  I must warn that your partners may not like the cheap, immature fragrances of your youth.

But remember, sometimes you can wear a fragrance – not to impress others – but you can wear it for yourself.

It’s amazing the power of scent in evoking memories.

I still love the smell of Brut 33 in the morning – it smells like anticip…ation.


Ahhh – the 70s….what a stylish decade!  Big dreams – big hair – big lapels and fat ties!!

It reminds me of splashing on the cologne before going on a date to see something like “Rocky Horror”… or going to a friend’s pool party at their groovy parents place  – complete with lime green and bright orange bean bags and a quadraphonic sound system – and cranking up Led Zep or Pink Floyds “Dark Side of the Moon”.

I still love the smell of Brut 33… and I still have a thing for that bright orange colour from the 70s! (see below) What about you?



Some interesting facts about Brut 33:

I always wondered what the 33 stood for. Apparently it meant 33% because Brut 33 was a cheaper version of Brut (in a plastic green bottle) with 33% of the strength of the original fragrance.

Also, I think James Bond used a can of Brut and a cigar to make a flamethrower in Live and Let Die.

Anyway, please share what fragrances remind you of special times. It doesn’t have to be high school.

Even if you are now a mature and successful businessperson, you can be like that successful editor who would occasionally wear Charlie to feel younger and more carefree again.

Also, I found this link to a fun piece about the emotions brought back by Charlie:





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