Something to warm you up during this cold snap! – Rug up, Rest up, Don’t Give Up!

I’m struggling with the flu today like hundreds (maybe thousands) of Australians hit by the current cold snap.

And like a lot of people (maybe you too) I’m tired of the chill of all the bleak financial news and hearing every week of businesses that have to close and all these people losing their jobs.

But I just listened to (and I encourage you also to listen to) that Peter Gabriel Classic “Don’t Give up”. It’s uplifting.

It’s been covered by countless other artists including Alicia Keys and Bono in 2005/6 and John Legend and Pink in 2010.

When I first heard that song in the 80s – it made me think of the collapse of England’s mining and manufacturing. Something from the past that was distant to my experience – “I never thought I could be affected.”

But if you listen to the lyrics – the song also describes today’s bleak times

“For every job so many men – so many men no-one needs” (I think of all the  Australian manufacturing workers now out of work)


But, most importantly, it also describes the importance of people supporting and encouraging others: “don’t give up”.

The duet works so well as:

  1. the male voice – describing the problem
  2. the female voice  – encouraging and supporting

Maybe in a future cover a female voice will sing the “problem” part and a male voice will offer the support and encouragement.

If you haven’t listened to the song for a while, enjoy again. It’s a classic.

Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush

If you haven’t heard the later versions, here are links to the Alicia Keys/Bono

and the John Legend/Pink versions.

Alicia Keys/Bono



John Legend/Pink


Now, I’m a big fan of Bono, but in my opinion the John Legend version is my favourite – not just the singing but also the piano playing! Which one is your favourite?

It’s amazing to see the connections (connecting the dots). John Legend also did an awesome cover of U2’s Pride (in the name of Love).

John Legend – Pride




If you’re suffering from the flu – rug up and rest up!


…and “don’t give upImage


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