Why did 80’s band try to look so bleak and cold?

Eugene & the Egg – 80s Brisbane band

I found some old photos on the weekend of a band I was in back at uni in the 8Os in sunny Brisbane – Eugene & The Egg. I’m at the back playing drums along with Eugene on guitar and Rene on bass. A talented photographer friend of ours, Des, took some photos – forests, trench coats, scarves and bleak black & white images were very “in” at the time.

How to look arty, British, and bleak in sunny Brisbane

Joy Division

Looking back, it was funny – we wanted to look arty and bleak and cold and so we waited for an overcast day. I reckon Des did a fantastic job of making us look “not Brisbane” (Not that there was anything wrong with Brisbane!) We just wanted to look (and sound) English. At least Rene and I did – Eugene kept his individual and inimitable singing style! I admire Eugene’s sense of self – rather than wanting to sound like someone else – which I would always do! So impressionable!

Echo & The Bunnymen

One of my favourite bands at the time was Joy Division. I reckon Des said a great job trying to get that bleak British band vibe – dark band against a stark sky. No smiling! Maybe even  a dash of angst.


Is Rene angry or just freezing in the Brisbane cold?

Joy Division – black and white photos were so “in”.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank Des for capturing those days.

So, if you are a Joy Division fan or a fan of that period in music in general, here’s a link to more than 100 photos of the time.


If this post has got you in the mood for some fine music from that period here are links to some Joy Division and Echo & The Bunnymen.


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