How you can make sure you don’t twitter when intoxicated

Twitter and alcohol do not mix. Sure you may think you are hilarious sending off the tiddly tweet – but chances are, in the morning you’ll regret it.

You can save yourself the embarrassment of the intoxicated tweet – by installing a “safety catch” on twitter and other social media (like Facebook).

At certain times – like after 9 p.m. on a Friday night, you have to pass a sobriety test before being able to send social media messages.

Sobriety tests include writing the alphabet backwards and moving the cursor in a designated pattern.

This sobriety technology  has been around for a couple of years – yet I bet most people don’t use it.

Do you use this sort of device?

Would you consider using it?

What other sobriety tests could be used?

drunk twitter bird.001

I found this image on Google Images of what looks like a drunken twitter bird – but I can’t say for sure what it’s all about – either I’ve had too much to drink – or the website is in a foreign language that me no speakie!

With Twitter we have to  be under the 140 character limit – maybe we should also be under the alcohol limit!


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