Do you enjoy eating “butter worms”? Find out about the childlike bliss of butter worms.

The childlike bliss of  “Butter worms”

Don’t you love it when you are with friends and you feel so comfortable you can be your true self – even if that “true self” acts like a kid?

What “childish” food or drink treats do you like to create – when you are not trying to act  all mature and sophisticated?

For me, some of my favourites include:

  1. Milo sprinkled on ice cream
  2. Creaming Soda Spiders…and
  3. Butter worms

If you hadn’t heard of butter worms – you’re not alone. I didn’t even know there was a term for butter worms!

I hadn’t heard the expression “butter worms” before yesterday until a friend used it to describe one of her favourite treats as she made them with child-like glee. She is an adult in a serious, high-pressure job (when she’d not clowning around making butter worms!)

Me wife, our friend and I just returned from an afternoon at the beach and our friend was feeling peckish.

Our friend proceeded to:

  1. spread a generous portion of butter (and vegemite) between two crackers
  2. squeeze the butter and vegemite between the holes in the crackers
  3. marvel at the emerging butter worms!

butter worms

Maybe it’s immature for grown-ups to still enjoy creating butter worms – but for me it was refreshing to see another grown-up get such joy out of such a simple treat. I also liked her descriptive expression.

We even showed our daughter Cleo how to make butter worms – and Cleo loved it!

The butter worm tradition will live on!


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