How something broken, jagged and harmful can be turned into a beautiful and calming “jewel”

I  can be a cranky dad sometimes – cutting in my comments and very impatient. These days I keep this photo on my computer to remind myself to be smoother and  less “jagged and cutting” in my responses to my children – smoother with my words and my volume.
sea glass – rough, jagged glass smoothed out by time in the sea churned by the waves!
Broken bottles that are  potentially harmful and “ugly” rubbish can be turned into beautiful “jewels”.
I even keep a smooth piece of glass in my pocket and another in my wallet – to remind me to try to behave calm and smooth when I tend to get annoyed.
seaglass sun
Sea glass is a great visual and tactile reminder. The sight and feel  of sea glass immediately “transports” me back to blissful memories of the beach with my son. You should try it too! Sea glass can remind you to keep your voice, your breathing, and your temper nice and smooth.
O early morning
My daughter loves searching for sea glass too.
kids sea glass
The sea glass search the kids busy for hours. They get so excited as if they are discovering precious jewels – especially when they find a piece that’s green or blue!






So who is writing this and what does he know abut being a busy dad/parent?


Hi, I’m Tony Biancotti – dad/ husband/ corporate communication consultant

I work as a corporate consultant and trainer offering advice and teaching leading executives how to improve their communication, presentation, and persuasion.

the serious corporate side – teaching and training others

At this stage of my life ‘though, I am craving getting advice and learning from others about a vital topic – How to be a Better Dad.

Cleo, My inner child (young Tony), Orlando

My wife Monique and I have two gorgeous children (Yes, of course we are biased – like every parent!) – Orlando (8) and Cleo (5).

My wife Monique and me BC – before children

As Monique will tell you, I have my strengths as a dad  (and husband) – but I also have my struggles:

– I can be too task focused and get grumpy with delays in achieving KPIs (Kid Performance Indicators – e.g. getting ready for school, bringing home lunch boxes and shoes etc.)

– I can get resentful of the restrictions placed on my once free and adventure-filled life

– I can be so focused on working to secure a future for my family – that I am often not always present in enjoying the present (I’m there physically but not mentally).

Do you share any of these “struggles”?

I want to learn (and share) tips from so many of the great dads I see around me. These dads may not be perfect in every way – but they all have certain tips to share.

This topic is important to me and as a former journalist, I enjoy “interviewing” and packaging the life experience and expertise from others.

This morning I chatted to a dad  who was dropping off his son at the school my son goes to. The dad (John) like me looks like he started a family later in life – but he is at a stage where has positioned himself in his career so he can work his finance job from 9 a.m.  to 2 p.m.  so he can do drop-offs and pick-ups.

In our “car park chat” we spoke about how he can be more productive in those work hours and be fully-engaged with his son outside of work hours. As you can imagine, I want to learn more from John. He looks like he has “got it together”!

I recently started a project (the Chris Adams Project) where I capture the business wisdom from an American movie and Facebook exec, Chris Adams, who now lives in Brisbane.

Chris Adams and family – wife Sharon and son Cooper

Apart from all is business knowledge, one of the things I really admire about Chris is his dedication to his wife Sharon and his son Cooper. I want to learn more from him about work-life balance.  He helped bring to life films that won 4 Academy Awards. He is also a children’s author – a project  that evolved from his wanting to tell stories to his son. There’s so much on the family side I want to learn from Chris.

My best mate from law school, Terry, became a dad more than 10 years before I did. One of the things I admire most about Terry is his dedication to his family and the way he encourages his kids to pursue their talents and passions. He has been down the parent path before me – and I constantly seek his counsel. I reckon he’ll really be valuable when my kids become teenagers! He’s been through that already.

My law school buddy Terry – a wise counsel!

Anyway, you now know the objective of this blog (Oh no, I’m sounding corporate!). It’s written from a dad’s perspective – but if you are a mum and would like tips for the “Dad” in your life you’re welcome to be part of the project. We might even set up a “sister-site” – busy mum to better mum. I’ll ask my wife to get involved because she is a hard-working super-mum (of course I’m biased again).




About doubleshot media

Hi, I'm a lawyer turned journalist/speechwriter/presentation coach - combining business experience with personal passions for music and writing to blog about persuasion, retro, music, and even business lessons from theatre and performing
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