My comeback to my son’s STAR WARS “complinsult” (a compliment with an insult sting in the tail)

Yesterday day my son Orlando made me feel so proud when he gave me the ultimate compliment for a dad who loves Star Wars.

He described me as half-Yoda half-Han Solo!

He then  gives a cheeky smile and adds…”half as good looking as Han Solo and half as old as Yoda” (which would make me around 450 years old!)

I puffed up with pride and then the pride was punctured!

When I picked my son up from school I told him how he had inspired a POST and how he too was a combination of Han Solo and Yoda:

As good looking as Yoda – as wise as Han Solo!

“Hey, Han Solos is wise!” – my son strongly protests ignoring the Yoda comment to defend his hero Han.

“Han is smart and knows how to save Luke when he is freezing. He teaches Luke stuff. He’s a good fighter!”

When I start laughing at his earnestness of his defence – my son cooly replies “Laugh it up Fuzzball!”

I love my son’s knowledge and passion of Star Wars and his skill at arguing his case.

Star Wars is a great bond between us – I use it to teach him and he teaches me stuff too!

He also loves there is a character with a name like his – (Or) Lando Calrissian.

I gotta get this T-shirt! My son will probably want one too – but we better not both wear them at the same time. That would be too much!

Here’s a link for how to get the T-shirt.


I’m a business writing consultant, writer and editor so this  next T-shirt also really combined my work with my love of Star Wars.

Go must I now. Back to more serious writing world go I.


About doubleshot media

Hi, I'm a lawyer turned journalist/speechwriter/presentation coach - combining business experience with personal passions for music and writing to blog about persuasion, retro, music, and even business lessons from theatre and performing
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One Response to My comeback to my son’s STAR WARS “complinsult” (a compliment with an insult sting in the tail)

  1. lucyking says:

    Star Wars~~~oh, yeah~~it’s a wonderful film,anyone who isn’t like it? I will say no !!
    Especially the Star Wars T-shirt,I like it very much~~~

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